121 Dogme feedback

This week I conducted a feedback analysis with with first 121 Dogme taught (well, what I think to be) business student.

The classes have evoloved into 3 stages:


From “how are you” to letting a topic arise and developing it, while also pinpointing and extending previously taught language as more reinforcement. Grammar points are frequently covered as is lexis and pron.

2)Previous language/HW revision/extension

Where we recap the previous lesson and discuss what was learned, how to use it and how to extend it related to the previous conversation

3)Further work

Writing has been popular as too have opinions and discussion about recent work events or related events in the industry.

The course so far represents about 30 hours and I have filled an A4 notebook with stuff we have worked on in the lessons. I also give the student 2 A4 pages after each lesson covering what we have done.


This is a summary of what was written/said:

1)My student enjoys learning by speaking

2)The way we have covered language and grammar has made it easy to grasp

3)Even though it is extremely difficult for my student to do any HW, the way we learn/revise/extend/review has been helpful and efficient.

4)My student finds learning English challenging but very very rarely reverts to the L1 and is happy to have more expressive ability.

5)Reading and understanding texts is now a great pleasure.

What next?

1)More challenging reading


3)Listening to conversations


I don’t know if my 3 stage format will work with these new requests so I’ll try:

1)Give text for HW

2)Discuss it, mine it, analyse it, extend the language and create something similar

3)Use the topic/related topic to set up role-plays about recent/important work situations

4)Listen to similar role-plays and compare or listen first and then do our own.

5)Review and extend language, skills


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