Things that should to be discussed in…part 2

A few people seemed to enjoy my ramblings on my previous  post so I thought I’d follow it up with a different perspective.

6+1 things that should be discussed in every school between staff

1)The pay scale

If there is one it needs to be clear but if there isn’t then it needs to be explained. In either case, pay and ‘getting hours’ may just depend on if you are liked by the boss or students. Some places even have bonuses for ‘good FB’.Whatever the line, it would be good for us teachers to know upfront what the deal is rather than hearing that some new bloke gets the same pay as us who’ve been here forever.

It also may help encourage people to stay as if resigners get more or DELTA grads get extra then why not stay? If the pay will never change then there’s no point staying and many will just up sticks.

2)Allocation of teaching work for freelancers

Who gets it and why? Is there a secret list somewhere which prioritises certain people.If there is then why? Who else gets special treatment?Is there a ‘first in first out’ policy?

3)Required hours

People on FT contracts will have a certain quota of hours they need to do but it is often very hard to get it exact. This means people will either be ‘under’ or ‘over’.In the first case, will they have to make it up or does it not matter? In the second, will they be recompensated with less hours later on?

4)Cover lessons

How are they distributed and is it possible to just cancel a class rather than stick someone in 1 minute before it starts? Maybe there is also an ’emergency cover lesson folder’ or standard procedure that could be employed.

5)Prep time

For freelancers it is not normally included in their pay but shouldn’t it be? I mean, they do prep like FT contractors so why don’t they get paid for it? The same for marking.


To avoid top-down lectures could meetings be shortened? Or if it’s just a reason to tell people info then couldn’t an email just be sent? If it’s supposed to be a real meeting with ideas and comments then choosing the right members is key. I mean, whose going to criticise things with the DOS sat there making notes of who he’s going to fire?

Also, loooong meetings are uncomfortable for everyone (I think) and less productive than short ones. Discussing how to create an agenda and sticking to it is a must.


I think we are past the days of 1 hour mini-lectures or senior teacher-led sessions. Staff are educated and blogging and attending conferences so may actually know more than the DOS. Finding out what people would like to work on (not learn) and providing a space for discussion and support and development and then building on the outcomes with team activities, peer observations, funded conference attendance etc may convince staff that management cares. Not to mention discussing DELTA funding.

Well, there’s my 6+1. Hope someone finds them useful.


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