R is for Religion

Now it’s time for a sensitive one. The big R!

Here are some possible topics:

1)Is Christianity outdated?

2)Scandals in the Catholic church.

3)The concept of sinning and being forgiven means it’s OK!

4)Sects and denominations, why are they often put down?

5)Is Scientology really all about aliens and brainwashing?

6)If Darwin is correct and historians have proven the dates in the bible ar wrong, then why the heck are we still following it?

7)How far would you go for your religion?

8)How much should we respect other religions?

9)What makes someone want to give their life to a religion?

10)If you are not a practising….then why do you still want to get married/christened etc in a church?

11)Could you accept a colleague who has to pray 2/3 times a day?

12)Would you accept being a 2nd/3rd wife for the man you love?

13)Different religions and their views on sexual orientation

Things I think could be used to stir discussion:

What would you feel comfortable covering in your class? Why? Why not?


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