S is for…s…..S…..Sorry, I can’t say it but you know.

This is a hard topic for me. I have an allergy to such topics and anything mushy. But it is a popular topic amongst students, particularly 16-22 year old ones. Whether an ELT classroom is the right place for this issue is certainly up for question but I don’t think I’ve seen any book that even touches on it, intentionally anyhow.

Here are some things that could be covered if you had a mature enough class and not the opposite where they giggle and nudge each other:

1)Same ex marriages, legal, fair or just wrong?

2)How woman are portrayed as objects in the media for men to oogle

3)Why a great amount of British/US TV/Films seem to promote having various relationships and even children out of marriage

4)Teen mums in council flats claiming benefits

5)Underage parents

6)The legal age of consent and whether it should be raised or lowered

7)What and how should kids be educated about the ‘birds n’ the bees’?

The how

Could you imagine planning a lesson with a text or a video about one of these topics? I think I’d prefer something that indirectly raised them so then the right tone could be established by the students. But then again, I’ve had classes that would go for these straight off the bat. I remember 1 girl who sat down and asked if she could ask me a questions and then said “why to English men only want 1 thing?’. This was shocking but she really wanted to know as she had been chatted up the night before in a London bar and was shocked by how far the man wanted to go. For her men and women just talk. Needless to say, everyone jumped in with their own experiences of London life and I had some serious excuses to make. Amazing meaty conversation though.


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