N is for Nar….pills

Another touchy one here. Could you imagine, think hard, strolling into your class and going “hey kids, what do people take in your country”. Imagine recasting. Yet, in the modern world drugs are prevalent and drug culture probably stands next to cigarettes and alcohol as subjects of interest to many young people. Due in part by the glamorisation by the film industry maybe.


1)Why did Holland decide to legalise and what effect has/does it have?

2)Would legalising any class of substances have a positive effect?

3)How do you feel about doctors prescribing some ‘illegal’ substances due to their health benefits to some people?

4)Why are some substances labelled illegal but then readily available with a prescription?

5)Why do people take narcotics? Is it a slippery slope from alcohol?

6)Why do so many many US films contain drug use, references or content?

7)With so many politicians, musicians, models and actors taking has it become an accepted element of fame and power?

8)Is it worse than alcohol?

9)Why do celebrity ex-users go so much sympathy?

10)Why do people laugh at all the ‘in rehab’ (again) jokes that get mentioned on TV?

Images for stirring up conversation:



2 thoughts on “N is for Nar….pills

    • Exactly. Jim Morrison used to go on about Shaman’s. PEople take some narcotic leaves to climb mountains, others in America are prescribed them for pain relief.

      A student asked me today why such things were legal in London. When I asked more she said she had been to a bar and in the basement people were lighting up whatever. She was amazed. The answer is that some areas have a tolerance level to say valuable people man hours so that they can focus on serious crimes. So, shouldn’t we just do like in Holland and make this a national policy? Who doesn’t want it?? OR rather who will lose out financially? Cigarette companies? How about we ban cigarettes instead and alcohol while we are at it?

      Now there’s a great debate for any class. Not YLE though maybe.

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