I is for ISMs

Lots to cover here I think from sexism to racism and ageism and even reversed ones. Here are things that spring to mind that might get things rolling:

1)Can women really ever be treated equally in the workplace when they can and often do take maternity leave and then time off for their kids? But how about dads who do the same? Are they respected and accommodated?

2)Why does Britain have a culture of magazines and papers full of ‘birds, beer and soccer’? Don’t women feel humiliated by men drooling over scantily clad women whilst on the train to work?

3)If we are all equal then why are men still expected to perform such duties typical of the ‘English gentleman’. Do women want their cake and want to eat it too?

4)Why are a great number of teachers female? Are they better than men or just seem more trustable due to their ‘motherly instincts’?

5)Is having an ‘ethnic minority’ quota in a school or company a good thing? Doesn’t it lead to ‘token hiring’?

6)Are you really not racist at all? Everyone claims they aren’t but it is quite difficult due to all the media which tends to demonise certain groups. How is this different in each country?

7)How do you feel about job adverts that say ‘only native speakers’ or ‘only nationals’ or when a doctor or someone on the phone asks where you are from as though you will get different treatment if you say the right answer?

8)Can people from developed, developing and undeveloped countries really co-exist? To what extent can racism in those contexts be attributed to cultural clashes?

9)We can go on and on about not having age discrimination but isn’t it a fact that people get old and can’t work after 65?? If they do isn’t it dangerous perhaps?

10)Why can’t we have young politicians, judges, TV presenters etc? what makes being old a better qualification?

11)Why are many older teachers and important people in society respected just because of their age? In England we tend to have a ‘youth culture’ but in others it is more an ‘old culture’. What are the pros and cons of each.

Some pics to help things along:

OK. I think that’s enough. Any thoughts about what you would do or how for these topics???


6 thoughts on “I is for ISMs

  1. Cheers Don. I am still holding some punches in fear of having my blog closed down but I’m still trying to say what I have covered and what I’d like to with young adults.

  2. Which post about EFL, Phil? I’m intrigued now. Can see you as the malicious type, myself. What do you have to do to get closed down? Who decides and takes that action? Amazing! Nice, thought-provoking post btw.

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