Pay me…NOW or your VLE gets it!

Money makes the world go round and it certainly pays my bills or it would if people paid me. Most do and I am always grateful to them but some, well, don’t. I hear the excuses and tales of woe but the basic rule of any business transaction or service is PAYMENT. Do they go into restaurants scoff fancy grub and then just go “you’ll have to wait 30/40/50 days” and then when that arrives “it’s being processed” and “it’s been sent”.

It’s normal in France to have an official wait of 6 months in some teaching jobs but then they may also have a ‘paid X days after’ clause. But add both together and then add on all the excuses and you could be looking at waiting 7/8 months for payment. I bet the admin people get paid on time.

Thus, I offer my dear readers a few people who may be able to help you:

1)Terry the office linebacker

Pros: Efficient, effective, threatening and he would help my image.

Cons: Possible legal action for GBH or even death.


Pros: Dark, mysterious, unpredictable, strikes fear into the hearts of wrong doers. Probably works for free.

Cons: He’s not as scary in the day time.

3)Al Capone

Pros: Internationally known. Good track record. May actually make you more money.

Cons: He could take over the town and charge you protection money.

4)The A Team

Pros: They oooze charm. They have the brains, looks and muscle to get the job done. They can make tanks out of cabbages.

Cons: You may not be able to find them. Their bullets never hot anyone.


Choose wisely dear friends and may the freelancer force be with you!!


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