Coming soon….

I recently won a book on CLIL which is something I was immersed in during my first teaching experiences way back at uni. Since then my interests have come and gone but I’ve grown more and more interested in real topics, student-centredness and learner training. So, reading up on CLIL a lot of alarm bells seem to ringing or turning off perhaps. It seems to touch on many things to do with dogme for instance and, as with my ideas, doesn’t seem to have been applied properly in the classes I’ve seen.

My thoughts and reflections will follow soon….ish!!!


2 thoughts on “Coming soon….

  1. CLIL has become a ‘buzz word’ at my school recently and we have just finished redesigning the yearly syllabus to incorporate more CLIL material. I remain unconvinced however and will have a blog post of my own up on the topic soon.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the whole thing 🙂

    • It’s strange how it was a BUZZ word in the UK about 10 years ago, maybe longer. Blended Learning was the same in 2004/5 but it scared teachers so they fought against it at my school. Now I think it’s won the battle.

      Looking forward to seeing what you write about Dave. From what I’ve read it doesn’t sound anything like what I’ve seen in schools. A lot of which just took EAL kids out for an hour of 121 work. Maybe it’s just any dream approach that just doesn’t fit into a busy teacher’s life of constant marking and admin. I used to teach alongside many who just gave out worksheets and spent an lesson marking. I understand because if you teach 4 subjects a day and give homework for each then that’s 20+ students x4 sets of homework to mark EVERY DAY!

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