Drom roll……..Guest post by…..Vicky Loras!!

I am very honoured to write this guest blog post for Phil, a very hard-working and great educator I admire a lot. Thanks so much, Phil!

Using the idea of acronyms from Phil, I decided to elaborate on my own. I believe that the center of the classroom (and I am sure for many educators the same goes) should be the student. Once ths student realises that as well, the learning process becomes more effective and enjoyable at the same time.


They come to us to learn, improve and acquire new abilities and build on their already-existing ones. As you can see, I have started with the same word as my acronym: I am a huge proponent that the student be placed in the center of learning and everything else should be built and adjusted, when possible, around it.


Apart from the teacher who obviously does it, the students literally take off when they feel they are teaching us, the educators something. I am grateful to my students when they teach me something, be it finances, real estate, even football! And they feel great (and develop their conversational skills among others, in English without even realising it!).

U is for UP!

According to the old song, the only way is up! Sure, there will be issues in the classroom but dwelling on them or thinking whose fault it is, does not help. How can I take the learners up? How can I lift them to their full potential? How can I solve a problem and let the learners know that no matter what, they are the center and I am there for them?


With our students, this is the only word taht can come to my mind. They develop their language skills, their personalities even (if they are younger) and their opinions and thoughts. And we develop alongside the, professionally and personally.


Seeing the students engaged in their tasks and learning should be one of the most pleasant sights ever. When I see that my students are enjoying their learning process and constantly seek new ways to engage, that gives me even more motivation to keep them in the center and help them move further.

N is for NEEDS

We should take our students’ needs into consideration from the very beginning and I am confident that many teachers do so. Buidling on those needs, we will then see where they require help and if there are other areas they have not considered. It should always happens as a collaboration though between the educator and the learner.

T is for TRUST

Once the learners see that the educator is interested in their learning and well-being in the classroom, trust is immediately developed. It is one of the most necessary ingredients for the learning process to be as positive and effective as possible.

-Vicky Loras

You can find her great blog at:



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