A brick wall

Going directly from teaching a beginner to an advanced student or vice versa can take a little adjustment. Now, if you only had 1  minute between them wouldn’t that make your ‘level shift’ in your head even more difficult?

I think this is why I seem to push low levels maybe too much and why I keep hitting dead ends. For example, I try to explain something and they don’t always get it so I tend to keep trying. Thinking that I can ‘beginnerize’ it. Then we hit the brick wall and the students are lost and confused and demotivated. This may only be for 30 seconds but I think I am pushing too hard.

I should learn to ‘let go’ with some things which are beyond them or maybe add a ‘later’ tag to them or just ‘not possible in this course’. The problem is that I get a lot of students who do want to know everything.

The infamous +1 class is a minefield as if you only teach someone for a short lesson once a week or every 2/3 weeks then their level changes. It goes up and down and you don’t have enough raw data to judge everything correctly. You might be coasting along with future tenses and then suddenly plummet into an abyss of continuousness. Yes, in an ideal world I would solidify their basic grammar but that’s not possible with such short and often speaking-focussed courses. I can’t fix or teach everything. Today we are working on X, I might be able to add a lick of paint to Y but I don’t have enough to paint everything and I may know that the first 2 floors aren’t fully painted but I have to let it go.

Let go…let go…..


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