Blast from the past 1

I’ve decided to add various snapshots of ‘unusual’ teaching positions I’ve had that have made me the teacher I am today.

No 1 is:

The castle of doom

In the year of the lord 2000 I was given a short job or rather ‘experience’ teaching in a castle/fort complete with high wall and fortified battlements. It overlooked the sea and beyond that France. It was so hard to get in that I had to be given a huge iron key to open a secret tradesman’s entrance every morning.

The students were Italian nuns or rather trainee nuns who had smuggled in vats of nutella and would often hide them under their desks. There were also male nun trainees??? Still don’t know why.

Classes consisted of ‘culture’ ie magazines, clips and gossip about celebs. Mother superior seemed to have ghost-like abilities so she would just appear out of nowhere to watch or rather scorn a class.

What did I learn?

Never believe any description of a class your boss gives you. Nuns? Religious? Studious? My backside! They spent most nights climbing over the moat to sneak off to discos so would be extremely unresponsive in class, they even fell asleep.


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