Who needs qualifications to teach eh?

This is a short post.

If you haven’t read this article then I’d suggest you do.

If you’re thinking of training to become a teacher I’d suggest you do.

If you’re working in another field but interested in teaching I’d suggest you do.


Read it now have ya?

“We expect the vast majority of teachers will continue to have QTS. This additional flexibility will help schools improve faster. No existing teacher contract is affected by this minor change.”

Hmmmm. So, more and more non-teachers. Doesn’t that mean less work for qualified teachers surely? Also, notice the ‘no existing teacher contract’ bit. Translation, when their contracts end it’s a different kettle of fish.



4 thoughts on “Who needs qualifications to teach eh?

  1. The government shifts the goalposts with regard to teacher qualifications at the time, Phil. At the moment, it\’s tinkering around with the registration requirements for FE teachers as well.

    Knowing how these things generally work, I would imagine it will make very little practical difference. Allowing schools to recruit unqualified experts it doesn\’t necessarily mean that they will; and even if they wanted to, how many captains of industry out there would be willing to work for a teachers salary, do you think? 😉

    • True Sue but I know quite a few middle managers or lower who retrained so they could enjoy the ‘easy life’ teachers allegedly have. At uni we had people come in from companies and ad agencies and they gave great talks about what they’ve done and are doing. This was years ahead of the books. Later on in EFL I worked with a woman who had her own company so when she taught Business English she knew her stuff. The problem, in my opinion, was that this moved her towards doing what she knew and getting a bit too much into the reality of Business.She also realised that a lot of stuff in the books was not about the real world and our courses were very theoretical or just too general. Yet, when she took on these courses she got complaints saying that she just did the same stuff all the time.

      It’s a difficult area but is the theoretical teacher vs practical experienced ‘teacher’.

  2. There’s the old “teacher are born not made” thing, which up to a point I believe. I have had some horrendous teachers in my time, all carting their QTS about proudly. My mother had QTS and was probably the finest teacher I have ever come across. But my father was not a teacher, qualified or otherwise and he too was a gifted teacher.
    Then there’s also that “thos that can, do and those that can’t, teach.” I prefer “Those who can teach,should and those who cannot should not be allowed in a classroom – ever.”

    • Cheers for the comment Candy. I never had the desire to do my 1st year to get QTS as I’d had far too many ‘experiences’ just in the training and teaching practice. From what I understood though it wasn’t difficult, you just needed to complete your first year in and they signed you off I think and as schools, at the time, were begging for people it can’t have been too hard, to get the QTS not to survive, that was probably VERY tough.

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