100 posts

This is my 100th post. I was quite surprised to realise it but WordPress can’t be wrong.

To celebrate I thought of doing a ‘looking back in…’ post but then thought that it would be a bit dull so I would like to do a ‘looking forward in…’ one instead.

For several months I’ve been following blogs, commenting, writing my own and just keeping track of what people are thinking. There are certain things I think are going on and ideas spinning around that certainly indicate change is afoot. Here are some of my thoughts on what could happen in the near future:

1)A dogme book, or at least an attempt at one.

2)A tech overload backlash and a return to non-tech (controversial!).

3)Cheaper and cheaper materials with lower quality thus making them affordable.

4)The death of general English (at last!).

5)More and more online courses and F2F ones.

6)An eventual realisation that the CELTA is in fact the cause of most of the complaints that we have about ELT teaching. But will they change it and to what?

7)Less qualified TEFL teachers due to increasing costs of courses. Perhaps an acceptance of cheaper unaccredited courses?

8)A proper change to IELTS and other Cambridge speaking tests to make them a bit more realistic.

9)Schools and organisations employing rooms full of teachers to teach online like in call centre.

10)Teachers becoming more savvy earlier on to what and how to teach rather than just following materials and courses for years.

11)International British Council accreditation for schools out of England.

I think that’s enough for now. I big you goodnight.

100 posts seems like a good point to have a break or stop or do something else or all of them. Hmmmmm.


15 thoughts on “100 posts

  1. Congrats on the 100. =)

    I see the exact opposite trend here with regards to TEFL accreditation. There’s a move away from cheaper, short courses and to acceptance of a standard of sorts. Still, within that acceptance, there is rebellion against that standard.

    As for tech overload, we have to start using it to get to an overload. Again, that’s here.

    • Cheers Tyson,

      I thought that too but as courses are getting more and more expensive people just may not have the money to shell out. But how useful is an unaccredited course though? A ton of American alleged ‘online universities’ say they are accredited to give MAs/Phds but I don’t know if they are what we class as a normal uni.

      Tech, maybe. If I see one more presentation or article about Voicethread, Voxopop, Prezi or even using Twitter I think I’ll go bonkers. I went through a term of trying to use them all as I thought that’s what everyone is doing but half the time it just didn’t bring anything and often detracted from the lesson, not to mention all the registering and tech time. Less is definitely more for me. I think cheap tablets with basic programmes, materials, sources or exercises is enough.

  2. That’s quite a vision of the future, there, Phil. Will CELTA morph into something else? Perhaps, and the CELTA Online is a likely change agent (for better or worse). The idea of call centre teaching is horrifying but I have to ask myself why I am horrified by it. The notion of a backlash before adoption (see Tyson’s comment) is amusing and probably quite accurate for what happens in the real world – we get fed up the the eye teeth with new doobriewotsits before they even become reality in our contexts. Fair? Reasonable? Who cares?

    I’d raise a hopeful toast to #10 on your list, but it’ll take a pretty big shift in the profession/industry at large.

    Maybe by the time you make your bicentenary we’ll have some answers, eh?

    Congratulations on your Century, mate.

    • Cheers Anthony. Well, I’ve seen the call centre thing in France. One online place has tons of teachers in an office all teaching online. They prefer using their FT staff who just teach all day. They get some freelancers but not many. I’ve also seen this in Germany too. It’s like a factory yes and they just do the online unit with little change. In France you can book some of these online so you only speak to a person when you call the trainer. Others you learn online then have occasional 121 classes online to practise/test you.

      I fancied becoming an online CELTA tutor but you can only do it if you are already a CELTA tutor so I enquired about that and you can online become one if you work at a school delivering the CELTA. Thus, I understand it that there can be very very few new CELTA courses in new schools and is it would require a tutor to move to an accredited place and then apply to do the course. I also doubt that enough CELTA tutors will want to do the course and actually become online tutors to meet demand unless the F2F one goes down and they’ll have no choice.

      How are the CELTA enrolments lately? Have they gone up or down over the past 2/3 years?

    • Cheers George. I’m taking a break from this one as everything seems to have been said. I’m also working on a new one with teaching ideas for my lessons. Not a patch on yours though. Just flexible activities. Well, if I can get any blogging sit to work properly. I found great templates but you just can’t adapt them. Grrrrr! Back to the C64 perhaps.

  3. Hello Phil,

    I am said to say this is my first time (I think?) commenting on your great blog. I really enjoyed reading it. You churned out some great stuff. From what I am reading you are done with this blog. Great work on this and thanks for sharing.

    I actually wanted to respond to a different post but I couldn’t manage to find it!
    It was the one about your new rules or something like that.
    I think newspapers, tech and dogme were mentioned.
    I wrote about my mission here: http://eltrantsreviewsreflections.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/12-before-the-end-of-12/ but couldn’t find the post. Anyway, thanks again for the great blog.

    Best of luck,

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